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The Ken Chronicles #35 [May 2015]

32 pages, 8.5" x 5.5", $3.00, fair trade or letter of comment, Ken Bausert, 2140 Erma Dr, East Meadow NY 11554, USA + PassScribe [at] +

Is Ken Bausert 'rich'? Correspondent Rodney seems to think so. In this issue's letter column Rodney writes that it's weird that at the same time Ken is "rich", he also "messes about with salvaged envelopes in order to save a dime per copy mailed". In response, Ken sets the record straight. The answer [spoiler alert!] is no, he's not rich, simply "one of the few remaining 'middle class' Americans and I am trying very hard to stay that way."

Also in this issue: Ken's war against brown field crickets; home-made iPad table for plane flights; Ken's battle with CitiBank over unjust fees; my [and everybody else's, it seems] favourite section, 'What I've Been _____ Lately'; and the feature for this issue, 'It's Not Just A Game' where Ken interviews two people he knows, both self-confessed 'sports fans', in order to try to understand this bizarre obsession [that plagues Australia, too]. As somebody who also finds sports obsession incomprehensible, I really enjoyed this piece. Although I couldn't help noting that one of the interviewees [Ken's good friend and neighbour Doris] abuses the use of exclamation marks, and loves it when "...players give 110% of themselves..." And I found it hilarious that the other interviewee [Mike, a friend of Doris's son] frequently referred to "rooting". Example: "...rooting is what we do..." In my defense, "rooting" is classic Aussie slang, and it doesn't mean what these sports fans mean when they use it.

I really like this issue's cover, which is a detail of an old painting Ken found in someone's trash back around 1970.
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