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Les Carnets de Rastapopoulos #10 [March 2015]

20 pages, 8.5" x 7", free upon request, Rob, Les Carnets de Rastapopoulos, 2-7 Larch Street, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA K1R 6W4

Rob's tenth issue [his first issue was born twenty years ago!] is a 'best of' collection, "...a collection of excerpts, short stories, and sketches from the first ten issues." These include a piece on Czech pop queen Hana Zagorova [one source for information on Hana turned out to be Cyndi Lauper's website - Cyndi was also a big fan!]; 'Welcome to Rockall', about the tiny island in the North Atlantic Ocean; this is followed by 'My Choice of Favourite Hard to Get To Islands' [including Starbuck Island, which due to being a young fan of the TV series Battlestar Galactica, became the favourite make-believe place for Rob and his friends. Starbuck Island has been described as "a deserted island surrounded by hordes of stingrays and sharks"]; 'bad girl of Czech pop music' Jana Kratochvilova; Pope Alexander VI [1431-1503] "...he shunned modesty and discretion, revelling in gold, women, and murder"; 'Excentric? Or just Wierd?' about Royal Astronomer George Biddell Airy. ... I also really liked what Rob wrote on his last page... "Participating in zine culture is like being in a secret society. Rarely do you meet ordinary people who know what a zine is, nor are you able to point out a zinester in a crowd."

[Note: It's rare indeed to meet those you trade zines with, especially if you live on different continents, but that's exactly what happened yesterday at Sydney's Other Worlds zine fair at Glebe Town Hall. Rob had emailed me about six weeks earlier to say he would coincidentally be in town at the same time our May zine fairs are held [MCA and Other Worlds] and would I be attending? I told him me and my comix zine friends would have a table at Other Worlds, and sure enough Rob dropped by to say hello and to buy and trade some comix and zines! It was good to meet him. We compared our respective zine scenes - according to Rob, ours is much healthier and vibrant than that of Canada. And on a more personal note, Rob assured me that people out there in the world do actually read and appreciate these comix and zine reviews I post up here at Blackguard! [Sometimes it sure does seem otherwise!] Thanks Rob, and it was a pleasure to meet you!]
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