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Comix Diary Era : Stratu's Diary Comix [Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr 2015]

Available now! Print collections of my diary comix! They are very good, but I didn't say so - Mark Ritchie of Hiroshima Yeah! zine said so!...

'Not actually sure if this one is for public consumption, but it's so great, I wanted to give it a mention anyway. Stratu, who also does the fabby zines Grunted Warning and Blackguard, spills the beans on his day-to-day life, which includes starting a new job (on a FRIDAY!), drinking lots of beer, visiting his dad in a care home, drawing, reading and going to see bands like The Hard Ons. This is fascinating and extremely entertaining for a nosy sod like myself, and this zine also reveals Stratu's REAL NAME (clue: it's an anagram of Stratu!)' - Mark Ritchie in Hiroshima Yeah! #123

So far, issues for January, February, March and April are available - $2.00 cash or stamps for one issue, or trade for your comic.

Write to me for your copy today!

PO Box 35
Marrickville NSW 2204
Tags: diary comics, diary comix, hiroshima yeah!, stratu

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