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Need Illos For Blackguard #2 Story

[17/5/09 - Thanks to everybody who offered to provide illos. I have what i need.]

I have a story for Blackguard #2 that I need two or three illustrations for. The story, rather grim and unpleasant, is about a man who gets out of prison and visits his father. If you are interested in drawing two or three illos for it, just leave a comment or email me at sstratu [at] gmail [dot] com and I will send you the story. There's no money involved of course, but you will get at least one copy of  Blackguard #2 when it comes out (probably June now).

Edit: Better clarify this - it's not a comic strip, it's a text story (don't think I made that clear enough). I want a few drawings to break up the blocks of text (It's a 3-4 page story).
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