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Hiroshima Yeah! #124 [June 2015]

6 pages, 11.5" x 8.5", by Mark Ritchie & Gary Simmons >>> donbirnam [at] ... send an email and tell Mark that Stratu has convinced you that your life would be greatly enriched with an issue of HY!

My mailbox has seen some damned lean times lately, and I've been torturing myself by checking it every single day. Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! But hopefully the drought has broken because today was a Great Mail Day. Two new issues of HY! arrived today, so I don't give a damn if I get nothing else for another week.

The front page always has Mark's wonderful poems, so after work out on the balcony with a coffee and a smoke and a pen I started circling the ones I liked best. When out of the first four I had circled three, I wondered if it might be more efficient to circle theose I didn't think were better than very good.

After that, Garry's soon-to-end prison series; Mark's album and gig reviews; and a few other regulars.

HY! isn't for every one, I need to mention that, I think [I tend to get carried away, believing that surely everybody would appreciate this or that stuff...] But if you're still reading this, it probably is.


And one of these every month! We lucky devils!
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