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Envelope o' the Month - August 2015

I was really looking forward to this, but didn't expect anything from the envelope. Recently the latest Xerography Debt arrived and in it there was a review of a comic by Chris Sabatini [MaybeParade]. It was called I Beg To Differ : My Response To Reviews Of My Work, That Appeared In Xerography Debt or Would Joe Biel Know A Good Comic If It Bit Him On The Ass?

Naturally that was the first comic I sent away for - I sent one of my diary comix for a trade. I was beginning to think he wasn't gonna bloody send anything until I checked my PO box tonight.

The envelope is cool because Chris has copied the rubber stamp owl I put on every envelope I send out. He even copied my Printed Matter stamp.

Inside, apart from the comic I originally wanted, and a couple of his other comics, was an amazing letter Chris wrote about his PO box which he thought he had let lapse, but that post office kept him registered and even had something for him. [They told him this when he went in there recently.] What was there was my letter and comic asking for a trade! [...I think I may not have captured the 'amazingness' of the story in the letter, but I'm in somewhat of a rush...]

Anyway, what a Great Mail Day! Thanks Chris!
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