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Making Jamie

[Note: I couldn't do this one, I started writing mean things in the margins, then realised this could end up just coming across bitter and twisted. Maybe it's just me? I mean look, I haven't had kids and certainly don't plan to, but my d-comix pal David Puckeridge actually HAS been through that nightmare... I mean, wonderful, joyous magical part of life! ... so I passed this one to him. So, here's our Special Guest Review! Thanks David! *Phew!*]

"Making Jamie" is a diary comic about having a baby.  Artist and teacher Kyle Bravo documents the journey daily over six months, climaxing in the inevitable birth and all the challenges that come with the momentous event.
Kyle's loose drawing style is appealing, and there's a lot to relate to in the story if you've gone through the same thing yourself.  Everyone else should stay away, unless you WANT to hear about lots of "poop" and pee and amniotic fluid.
Even the breeders among us might be turned off by Kyle's cutesy style ('cute' is a word he uses a lot.)  Still, it's interesting to see the babymaking process from another perspective, whether you warm to Kyle or not.
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