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World Of Zines (And Comix Zine Anthologies)

Comix zine anthology production activity has been at a high level here at Blackguard HQ the past week, mainly as a result of receiving my copy of Zine World #27. It's like this: Blackguard #1 was rushed because of the fast-approaching annual Newcastle zine fair, that was one factor. Another factor was that I had just returned to the comix zine anthology-producing life after being frozen at the bottom of a lake of fire for five years, so I was somewhat out of touch. (How suicidal-thoughts-inducing all those years of finding the mailbox empty, even after WEEKS of not checking it! Such bottomless depths of despair and misery!) So a comics and zine reviews section was something that would have to wait. But only until Blackguard #2! Yes, that's what I'm getting at here! ... Hello! Hello! You still there?! ...  What many, including myself, loved so much about Sick Puppy Comix and Atomiser (as short-lived as it was) was, apart from the wonderful comix (that "turned adults into children and children into adults", as one esteemed reviewer put it), it was the comics and zine reviews section. In a subculture that feels like a subculture of a subculture, it's important to have a forum, or directory, or whatever you call it, that serves to introduce the Reader to other like-minded, straight-acting perverts... I mean aficionados of alternative literature! We have all had our lives saved at one time, whether it was by a DJ, a radio station, a book, a record album, or a comix zine anthology. At that magical, life-saving moment we realised we were not the tragic, lone freak we may have suspected. I mean, that is to say, we were still that, but we realised there were other tragic, lone freaks. You understand. Despite my wretched assembly of the facts here, you know what I'm trying to get at. So! Just to say, that from this wonderful Zine World zine I have been contacting other comix and zine people in order to get some good stuff to review for Blackguard #2, and it has been going very well indeed. You will soon bear witness to the fruits of these pursuits, no doubt. You lucky devils!
Tags: blackguard #2, reviews, victoria bitter, zine world

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