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I Beg to Differ

16 pages, 8.5 x 5.5", by Chris Sabatini [AKA Maybe Parade] PO Box 1152, Olympia WA 98507, USA

Subtitled 'My Response to Reviews of My Work, That Appeared in Xerography Debt, or Would Joe Biel Know a Good Comic If It Bit Him On the Ass?' [a title of which length the LiveJournal 'Subject' field refuses to include beyond the word "Joe"]. this comic is a hilarious reaction to a few reviews written by Joe Biel and published in Xerography Debt #35 and #36. I would say it's very funny whether you even know who Joe Biel is or not. All you need to know is that Chris was so angry about these 'reviews' of his work that he responded by making a comic about it.

The first three pages are split between a small four-panel strip at the top of the page ['A Conversation With My Dog'] and a larger four-panel strip below it that imagines Joe Biel receiving Chris's comics and his subsequent thoughts and actions that led to his writing of the reviews. Next we see Chris receiving an email from Microcosm [the publisher of XD] letting him know that the forthcoming issue will feature reviews of two of his comics, which leads to great excitement, but also a frustrating quest to obtain the issue in question. When he finally does receive it, his hopes are shattered, and in another 'Conversations With My Dog', his dog [unsuccesfully] attempts to console him - "Relax - your activities are still as meaningless as they've always been."

But there's no stopping now - Chris imagines a couple of interviews with his nemesis about the concepts and intention behind his comics, at the same time criticising the critic for some of his reviewing techniques.

'I Beg to Differ...' ends with reprints of the reviews that started it all.


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Jim Hayes
May. 6th, 2016 06:31 pm (UTC)
hey daddy o
the quote is from Zappa circa 67 "the american teenager of today wouldn't know good music if it came and bit him on the ass." thanks for your write up of me in Xerography Debt-they gave me a bad review like 15 years ago or so and in retrospect they were right. did you get my last letter-i was looking here to see if you got it etc. best Jim
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