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Lab Findings #6 [Feb 2016]

6 pages, 11 x 8.5", friendly letter or trades to Kobb Labs, PO Box 30231, Pensacola FL 32503, USA

In his full-page intro, Dr Bill writes about the preparations for his favourite holiday [Halloween]. After all his effort buying decorations and "all manner of pranks and gag-type gifts to hand out", no trick-or-treaters knocked on his door. One reason seems to be that his creepy-sounding house sits too far back from the street - in other words, it's too Halloween-y! Thanksgiving gets a mention, so does the pro-basketball season, Christmas and New Year's Eve. However, the word 'nice' is abused, appearing four times on this page. Dr Bill, a thesaurus might come in handy here, and you don't even need to buy one! The internet has 'em for free, without charge, free of charge, for nothing, complimentary, gratis, gratuitous, and at no cost!

Two and a half pages of movie reviews follow, then a separate piece on 'Halloween and Holiday Horror Views'; 'Recent Readings'; and 'The Avengers Banned Episode'.

Sample reviews highlight - Curses 2: The Bite [1989] ... So incompetent, the credits roll over some upbeat Kenny G-Style jazz, despite the total downer ending.

Sample reviews lowlight - Citadel [2012] ... Some of the addled story twists and turns past the halfway point literally pissed me off. ... [The misuse of the word 'literally' is everywhere these days, but since reading this I'm still trying to figure out what being "literally pissed off" means...]

Finally, Dr Bill admits that Lab Findings #7 might be exclusively devoted to letters received.
Tags: kobb laboratories, lab findings, reviews

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