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Hiroshima Yeah! #137 [July 2016]

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Another month, another wonderful issue of Hiroshima Yeah! Morrissey is the cover star this time around, which brings to mind fond memories of the first time I saw The Smiths' This Charming Man music video on TV back in 1984. Mark writes about seeing Neil Young at The Hydro in Glasgow, but not before he bought a pint of West lager from "the hipster cunt" once he had finally stopped "mixing cocktails", and drank it in the beer garden "which was filled with tattooed pricks". ... A bit further on there's a review of a Sun Kil Moon [who I don't know of] gig, this time at St Luke's, Glasgow, and I noted that Steve Shelley [who I definitely do know of, since he was/is the drummer in Sonic Youth] is their drummer, or maybe was just a special guest this time. That could be it, the way it's written here. Well, not that it matters to me. Any music other than metal I find terribly boring and simple these days. But I just love reading Mark's reviews, whatever he writes about. There's also several book reviews. [I've had actual heated arguments with people - idiots actually - who argued that I was WRONG in saying that a few is three and several is four.] And bloody hell! There are four poems by Sid Clark!
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