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Good Mail Day

What a great mail day it was today! Haven't had a mail day this good since way back in the Sick Puppy days. Here's what I got:

Sprak! Vol 2 #4 - [ ] - Kami's movie review zine. In this issue he reviews Abducted By the Daleks, District B13, Stone, Rattlers, The Veebees (Aussie ocker scum rock), Shakes the Clown, Booby Trap (aka Wired to Kill), Action Jackson, Boxing Day, London To Brighton, Young Warriors, Thunderground (Busted Up 2), Death Ship, Howard the Duck, Drive-In Massacre, and Vampyros Lesbos. It took me an hour to read, I read it cover-to-cover and I enjoyed it immensely! (In-depth review to appear in Blackguard #2)

The Inner Swine Vol 15 #1 - [ ]This is Jeff Somers's zine. Through intense research of recent zine review zines like Zine World and Xerography Debt, Jeff's name and zine have popped up time and again. His zine sounded good, and I liked the way he wrote so I asked if he would be up for a trade. The rest is history. I had a quick flip through this tonight and just about flopped onto the floor in a fit of acute joy because this production is really text-heavy. Great steroidal blocks of the stuff, which totally gives me a bone. I'm so there.

You Don't Get There From Here #9 & 10 - [ ] - These are the cutest little minicomics (14cm x 11cm) but boy do they contain a big fat hook that gets deep into your brain. I started #9 and didn't stop until I finished it. Carrie draws these great three-panel strips each day, each one summing up that day. One day she might note the rattlesnakes and tarantulas she sees on the fire trails in her area, the next day will illustrate her battle with her brain and beer. It's so great to read comics done well by somebody you can relate to.
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