blackguard23 (blackguard23) wrote,

Kackle Issue 4D : Bruce Wilson's The Twin

16 pages, by Bruce Wilson, spatty31 [at] $9.00 + Postage, 7" x 5"
Here's a 3D comic that comes with the classic, original 3D glasses. I always forget how amazing this simple technology is, and how effectively the blue and the red lenses make the images leap from the page. This is a short, suspenseful story of a bank robber and the hostages he makes of the bank customers, and their tense exchange as a police sniper takes aim from a nearby building. Inside the second last page is an audio device - the kind you find in musical greeting cards - but no sound emerged from mine [it appears the red wires have become detached]. Nevertheless, this little 3D book is really great! A keeper.
Tags: comics, comix, kackle, reviews

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