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Hash Brown Comix #1

24 pages, 10" x 7", $? email Editors Dan or Oli for ordering info >>> danieljhayer at gmail dot com or olihastings9 at gmail dot com

It's thanks to Glenno that I finally got a copy of this new Sydney comix anthology. I read an interview with Oli on the Unbelievably Bad blog, then emailed him/them to get a copy, but the goddamn email bounced back, "undeliverable". Denied! But Fate wouldn't have it! Fate wanted me to have a copy! Fate arrived in the form of Glenn 'Glenno' Smith to our recent comix/zine nerd hangout, so I got a copy. ... The next step would be to start reading it... with extremely LOW expectations. We all know how much comix anthologies can SUCK - it's usually only a question of how much? So it is impossible to overstate how surprised and relieved I was to find that Hash Brown Comix is really great! It is absolutely imbued, suffused, and steeped in the raw and deranged spirit of the finest Underground Comix 'spirit'. One strip [by co-editor Oli Hastings] is about the real life tragedy of Sydney's Luna Park Ghost Train fire in 1979. This strip is so great, and part of its greatness for me is that I don't know how much of the detail within is historical fact, and how much is the product of the artist's imagination. ... Other strips I really liked were Dominic Proust's tale of unrequited love with a tall girl; co-editor Dan Heyer's very strange school teacher; Kaylene Milner's Soviet record collectors; and another Oli strip about his veneration of Rowland S. Howard.
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