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Goro Exhibition at M2 Gallery

It must have been a fluke [...or the planets lining up, or Fate stepping in...] that I saw a Facebook notification about an exhibition opening two days away, but the second I saw that it was a gore/erotica B&W art show I was hooked like a bad Vaudevillain!

The show is at M2 Gallery near Central Station. The show is called Goro and runs until 17 January 2017.

I met my friends David 'D-Puck' Puckeridge and Gerard 'Weirdbeard' Ashworth at the Strawberry Hills Hotel an hour before blast-off late on the afternoon of what was a record-breaking day of ridiculous, blistering heat. The Strawberry Hills Hotel was air-conditioned, thus an oasis betweeen horrors.

Goro is a group show featuring Cal Sino, Nerdgore, Quartz VII, Samson, and Zigendemonic. I took a pic of each, and I'll post a few crowd shots. What a great crowd! What a great night! What great beer! [Thanks to Young Henry's!] [And thanks Styvo!]  >>>>>

[above] Cal Sino - 'Toyroom'

[above] Nerdgore - 'Iron Maiden Bootleg'

[above] QuartzVII - 'Blaster' and Carnus.1'

[above] L-R 'Witch', 'Spirit', 'Devil'

[above] Zigendemonic - 'Incident in the Freezer Room'

Goro Crowd I

Goro Crowd II

Tags: art show, cal sino, exhibition opening, goro, m2 gallery, nerdgore, quartzvii, samson, zigendemonic

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