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Xerography Debt #40 [January 2017]

72 pages, 8.5" x 5.5", $4.00, Davida Gypsy Breier, PO Box 347, Glen Arm MD 21057, USA + davida [at] leekinginc [dot] com + www.leekinginc.com

In this issue: Gianni Simone interviews Belgian mail artist Luc Fierens; Jeff Somers contemplates his 'zine legacy' and the alarming thought: "..maybe I won't be remembered at all."; Part Two of Josh Medsker's interview with cartoonist Mike Diana; and Ken Bausert writes about zine collections. These columns are followed by fifty-four pages of zine reviews.

Fun Fact!: Every time I receive the latest issue of XD, I immediately grab a pencil and count and note how many reviews each reviewer has in that issue. [Of course, quantity by no means equals quality - even a dummy knows that!] Here's the tally for XD40...

Anne Thalheimer - 6 reviews
Carlos Palacios - 6 reviews
Carrie Mercer - 15 reviews
D. Blake Werts - 7 reviews
David LaBounty - 7 reviews
Davida Gypsy Breier - 16 reviews
DJ Fred - 6 reviews
Donny Smith - 1 review
Eric Lyden - 4 reviews
Fred Argoff - 7 reviews
Gavin J. Grant - 7 reviews
Joe Biel [w/Taylor Hurley] [???-Stratu] - 21 reviews
Josh Medsker - 3 reviews
Ken Bausert - 15 reviews
Kris Mininger - 8 reviews
Liz Mason - 5 reviews
Maynard Welstand - 12 reviews
Stuart Stratu - 6 reviews

In conclusion... I wrote more reviews than FOUR other reviewers; an equal number of reviews as THREE other reviewers; but less reviews than TEN other reviewers. This puts me in the bottom 50%. It used to be I was in the Top Five Most Prolific every issue! How times have changed... *Blub!*

One final note of criticism here, and this is something that's really starting to drive me nuts - Anne Thalheimer seems to be writing EXACTLY the same thing about Fred Argoff's Brooklyn! zine issue after issue. If I ruled the [zine] world, Ms Thalheimer would be forbidden to publish any more reviews of Brooklyn! until she can think of something original - or even something different - to say about it.

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