blackguard23 (blackguard23) wrote,

Twilight World #8 [January 2011]

12 pages, 11" x 8.5", $2.00, Don Fields, 266 Ramona Avenue, Grover Beach CA 93433, USA + oddlystupid [at] yahoo [dot] com + + "somewhere at"

This issue gets off to a great start, where Don in his introduction traces the beginnings of his "art life". I found myself nodding [nodding along, that is, not nodding off] to his list of "the usual suspects ... Factsheet Five, Love & Rockets, R. Crumb, Dan DeCarlo, 8-Track Mind, Evan Dorkin, Peter Bagge, Flaming Carrot and too many more... and near top of that list is Harvey Pekar."
 Don tells the story of finally meeting Harvey at the 1992 San Diego Comic Con.

I love the note in Don's 'Thanks' section... "...and to those of you who are still reading this fine print nonsense, this zine was named after a Swing Out Sister single, NOT from those stupid 'Twilight' movies and books...and if you still want to believe it, go get a fucking life and watch some old 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' episodes! I'm not a fan of this show either, but it has better writing and a sense of humor!"

There's a terrific piece about Super Fanboys [featuring two in particular] and their main targets at conventions - Artists For Hire; some fantastic drawings of "..old parts of Vegas that nobody remembers and cares for." and a couple pages of reviews, including the audiobook of John Waters's Role Models.

TW has rapidly zoomed up my Top Ten Favourite Zines chart!
Tags: comic book conventions, comics, don fields, harvey pekar, reviews, twilight world

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