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MCA Zine Fair 2009

Today I went to the second annual MCA Zine Fair (at the MCA - Museum of Contemporary Art down at The Rocks). This was the zine fair that Chris Mikul and I waited too long to book tables at because they sold out so damn quick. Next year we will be better prepared, although at this one we still managed to sell our stuff. I'll get to that in a bit.
The journey there was a total cock-up. I walked around to the bus stop between my place and Five Ways to get the 389. I sat down to read Sundogs (awesome comic by Adam Pasion, review coming up soon!) and wait for the bus, which never came. Actually it did come, twenty minutes later, but it was full so it didn't stop. I said to hell with this shit and walked up to Oxford Street to get a bus from there. Amen to the 333 (limited stops Bondi to Circular Quay, pre-pay only)! I got to Circular Quay in no time at all, then walked over past the didgeredoo dude playing his wooden tube over a blasting trance techno cacophany, to the MCA. The room was packed. Just inside the door were Steve and Antoinette (SCAR) with their twin tables creaking under the weight of their millions upon millions of mutant lesbian dinosaur comics, so I had a friendly chat with them. Then Cath rolled up and said hello, shortly followed by her fella Chris Mikul. We went over to a table shared by Ross Radiation, Ben Hutchings and David Blumenstein, those chaps very generously allowed Chris and myself to display and sell our wares (Bizarrism and Blackguard respectively) at their table. Before I knew what was happening Chris told me that they (he and Cath and Dann Lennard and Helen and their kid Jones) were going of to eat so would I care to join them. I said hell yeah since all I had up to that point was a small coconut cake and a coffee for breakfast. We walked up to the Australian Hotel and shared three pizzas, one of which was made with crocodile meat. A first for me! (Next on the list: kangaroo and emu.) We also drank some beer which was very refreshing. Then it was back to the zine fair. Ross told me that all the Blackguards had sold and did I have any more. Hooray! Yes I had some more. Then I walked around the place and bought some zines, and traded one or two Blackguards. I said hello to Leigh Rigozzi and bought his split comic with Vanessa Berry (ooh la la! it's called The Time You Were in Paris!). At one table I was so engrossed with examining the wares I was surprised to hear myself halloed. It was Komala Singh, so I had a chat with her, and she gave me a comic she had completed only the night before, a short 8-page Iron Chef-type story. (I hope Komala will forgive my bad joke!) I asked Komala if she had any must-get zine tips so she told me about Speakeasy, a zine Lee Tran Lam has been doing for a million years because it's up to #10. They were all sold out though but Ms Lam offered to take my dough and she would post me a copy. The room seemed to be packed all afternoon, at least it was both times I was there. The only down side if you ask me was the inclusion of craft tables, something I'm not at all interested in. Knitted pet rocks and that kind of stuff? No thanks. Sure it's handmade, but so are cakes. You have to draw the line somewhere. Anyway, it was a fun day and like I said, we'll definitely make sure to get in early for a table next year.
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