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Dithering Doodles #43 [April 2017]

Steve Anderson, premiumdeluxe [at] hotmail [dot] com - for a sample issue just send a nice friendly email!; Trades? Yes! Again, simply send a nice, friendly email and propose your trade! Size: 8.5" x 5.5" Page count: 20

You think Mark Ritchie is prolific pumping out a high-quality issue of Hiroshima Yeah! month after month? Well, Steve Anderson here [aka "The Dith Dood"] pumps a high-quality issue of his Dithering Doodles out EVERY THREE WEEKS! That explains why when I look back now wondering which issue I reviewed last time, it's #34 - NINE ISSUE AGO! - and that wasn't YEARS ago, it was last November!

Every issue of DD is different. I mean there's no format apart from the size of the thing, and that it's held together by staples. It's like every three weeks Steve puts together a 20-page booklet of blank pages then blasts forward, using his vivid imagination and unique perspective on life to aid him in filling those pages. And NO SLEEP until those twenty pages are filled!

But what are these pages filled with?

This issue begins with Steve analysing his neat and messy selves. When he writes and draws very neatly he tries to imagine that he's Felix Unger from The Odd Couple; but whewn he writes and draws all sloppy he pretends that he's Charlie Brown's friend Pig-Pen. ... Next page Steve reviews New York Times Bestseller[!] Stephen King's book, Cell.

[Let's pause here to note that these Dithering Doodles are neither comics, nor are they straight text zines, but something in between - more than illustrated stories, but not comics because panel borders are nowehere to be found.]

The rest of this issue sees Steve pushing a trolley around a shopping mall, past a noisy sqeaking escalator and somebody trapped in an elevator; Steve working night shift at courier company '"Speedy D"; Steve high-jumping; at Grid Zine Fest tabling next to Billy [Last Night at the Casino]; The Hand Drawn Photo Booth; a bus story [blind woman's MO is to wail helplesslyuntil some sap comes along to help put her on the correct bus]; KCPX's Top 30 for the week of April 5, 1976; ... Okay that's all, I'm not going to summarise EVERYTHING in here, but you get the picture.

Something just occurred to me! People who need rigid structures and logical progressions and formats in their media will RUN IN TERROR from Dithering Doodles! Haw! 
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