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The Ken Chronicles #43 [May 2017]

Ken Bausert, PassScribe [at] +  Price: $3.00, fair trade or letter of comment; Size: 8.5" x 5.5" Page count: 28

First of all - Ken, why is it that the most recent post on your blog is from 2014? Do you have another online presence? If so, I think it would be better to include that up there.

Now on with the show. The Ken Bausert's Chronicles Show!

In this issue: One of my new favourite [Top Five!] letter columns [see sample above, shout out to fellow Friend of the Animals, Gunther!] - ; People, Places and Things That Aren't There Anymore, which this time around includes the Elmhurst Gas Tanks, the RKO Keith's, and high school crush Betty Ann J.; reviews of what Ken's been watching and reading lately, including a very funny anecdote about Joe Biel. Ken was writing an article for zine review zine Xerography Debt and put out the word that he wanted to hear from people who had sizeable zine collections. One respondent was Joe, who admitted taht at one time he had 50,000 zines, but had to cull his collection before going off to live in a treehouse. Ken remarked that this sounded intriguing, so Joe said it was all part of his autobiography he had just written, so Ken put it on his want list. To Ken's dismay, when his daughter later gave him this book for Christmas, he found that it was an "extremely detailed story of Joe's life...", and "tiring and depressing", yet there was nothing to be found about "the treehouse he reportedly built and lived in for a time." Haw! [Update - Joe Biel himself left a comment below >>> "The section about living in the tree house runs from pages 147-200." To which I can only ask Ken - How the hell did you miss it?!]

There is also Ken's account of his and his wife Ro's winter in Florida. Amusingly, among the photos to illustrate this period is one he snapped of a car groaning under a heavy blanket of snow - six inches had fallen in New York just before they departed for Florida.
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