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Copy This! #39 [May 2017]

D. Blake Werts [Editor/Compiler], bwerts [at] vnet [dot] net  Price: ? Trades? Yes; Size: 5.5" x 4.25" Page count: 16

Here is an "ALL NEWS" issue, including updates on Carrie McNinch, Charles Brubaker, PJM, J.T. Yost, Edward Bolman [of The White Buffalo Gazette, and who I am going to write to AT ONCE and hope he is up for a trade...] and other unfamiliar-to-me names like Adam Yeater, Alexander Lay, Alec Longstreth, Delicia Williams, Edd Vick, Everett Rand, George Erling, Ian Shires, Joe Wehrle Jr, Jospeh Tenney, Michael Kraiger, Nate McDonough, Robert Jennings, Robert Pasternak, Rob Imes, and Scott Davis.

There are also a couple drawings, one by Adam Yeater [Great!] and one by Brad W. Foster [who I know from David Langford's wonderful Ansible].

Yikes! I almost neglected to mention that this issue came with a "surprise insert" - an "Astro-Tarot", which I passed along to my friend Astrogirlzarro who I knew would appreciate it properly.
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