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Best Of The Far Dark Side #1 [June 2017; Second Printing]

Per Hedman, phhedman [at] gmail [dot] com  IG: @phhedman FB: @the.far.dark.side Twitter: @that_phh Price/Trades? contact Per to ask; Size: 8.25" x 5.75" Page count: 16

Per is one of my Instagram friends, but one of those [seemingly!?] rare ones who make a real, actual printed product*, so it was a pleasure to receive this in the mail after we agreed to trade our comics recently.

As he writes in the introduction to this first 'Best of' collection - now in its second printing! the first issue came out in October 2016 - Per has been creating these very funny tributes to Star Wars, and Darth Vader in particular, for two years now. He has drawn 1600 of these - "some of them aren't even terrible!"

It seems like a smart move to create something like this - I've heard there are quite a few fans of this Star Wars franchise. Of course, coming up with an idea and pulling it off successfully are two different things, but Per has nailed it. These are very funny. His sense of humour is fresh, so these are very infectious. Great stuff!

* I mean zines or comics-wise
Tags: darth vader, drawings, reviews, star wars, sweden, the far dark side

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