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Hiroshima Yeah! #148 [June 2017]

Mark Ritchie, Contact: donbirnam [at] hotmail [dot] com Price/Trades? Send a nice email and ask!; Size: 11.75" x 8.25" Page count: 4

If you have never read a copy of HY!, I could write a big paragraph trying to convince you how great it is, and once again declare that it's one of my TOP FIVE FAVOURITE ZINES, but reading the first very short poem on page one of the latest issue would take much less time to answer the question: "Would I like this zine, or newsletter, or whatever it is, or not?

Nothing says
"Happy Birthday,
You Total Fuck-Up"
like three self-help books
and information about
counselling sessions
stuffed into a gift bag.
But thanks anyway, cuz.

If this poem makes you laugh, or even smile, the answer is YES, you would like Hiroshima Yeah! and you should email Mark today and tell him, "I have Stratu to thank..."

Also in this issue - Part Two of Gary Simmons's completed Probation Office form in which Gary had to write about his predictions/assessment of his health, lifestyle, relationships, personal development, leisure, and housing.

Mark reviews albums by Magnolia Electric Co, The Mountain Goats, Jesu/Sun Kil Moon [this rap trip Mark Kozelek has embarked on sounds SICK and DISTURBING], Milovan Srdenovic, Dinosaur Jr, Rocket From The Tombs, Dirty Three, Songs Ohia [thanks for the tip! 'Almost Was Good Enough is one of my new favourite songs], Animals That Swim, Teenage Fanclub, Richard Skelton, and Silkworm.

These DVDS are also reviewed: Salad Days: A Decade of Punk In Washington DC (1980-90), Drive, The Wicker Tree, and Better Call Saul: Season Two.
Tags: happy birthday, hiroshima yeah!, reviews, top five favourite zines

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