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Sundogs #6 & #7


[36 pages, digest size,]
Adam lives in Japan and teaches English, he's married (to Ami, a Japanese) and has a young son, Nimo. Every day Adam draws a three-panel strip about the highlights (or lowlights, as the case may be) of his day. Personal comics and zines can be good or bad. This one is good. I read these on the bus and found they made the bus arrive at my destination too damn soon. Day-to-day life for Adam includes stuff like band practice (it seems like it's only Adam and his friend Bob ... well, until they get a drummer), playing with his son Nimo, bicycling to different parts of the city to teach his Japanese students, hearing weird or creepy stories from said students, getting strange leg rashes, visiting hot spas (onsens) with Ami and Nimo, staying up until dawn drawing, or watching episodes of The Wire (Adam, thanks a lot, now I am addicted to that show), enjoying a refreshing beer or six, hanging out with in-laws, and all kinds of other stuff, but always fascinating too the observations of Japanese life and culture, like holidays and food etc. Having been to Japan myself, I know that that place is about as different as you can get from a Western country, so it's great to read about life there from a Westerner's point of view. Another thing that impressed me is that Adam has this thing where he will forego some *vice* for a month. I say 'impressed' because one of those months he vows to abstain from alcohol. I have enough trouble doing that for two nights in a row. One strip during this month shows Adam and Ami visiting Ami's parents. Ami's dad brought out all these bottles of beer from different countries. Did Adam say to hell with the monthly vow and chug some foreign suds? Better get a copy of Sundogs #6 and find out!
These comics are really great. I've gotta ask Adam what 'Sundogs' means ... and get copies of Sundogs #1-5!

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