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Envelope of the Month - August 2017

What a Good Mail Day it was today!

When I flipped open my post office box an hour ago, not only did I find a copy of Bizarrism: The Revised and Expanded Edition Volume 2 [Headpress UK] by Chris Mikul with illustrations by Glenn Smith [review coming soon...], but this terrific envelope from Dexter and his The Comix Company!

Enclosed were copies of Hot Dork Love #1 by Carrie Q. Contrary; Oh My! Comix #4 by Aaron Lange & Dexter Cockburn; and Trim #5 by Aaron Lange [reviews coming soon!]

Thanks Dexter!

[PS I'm glad you like my diary comics! I was dealt a savage critical blow recently with a one star [out of five] verdict on my May 2017 issue! No review, just the one st*r! A mystery I have begun a process by which I hope to solve!]
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