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The Ken Chronicles #44 [August 2017]

Ken Bausert, PassScribe [at] +  Price: $3.00, fair trade or letter of comment; Size: 8.5" x 5.5" Page count: 28

I was surprised by something in Ken's introduction, where after he admits that he produces these Chronicles because he enjoys writing and photography, he admits that "It also gets my mind off the many horrible thngs that occur in our world on a daily basis: rapes, murders, wars, political corruption and Donald Trump as POTUS, to name a few." I would expect the comparison of a new President with such acts as rape and murder to come from a much younger person. Ken's retired for God's sake. Old enough to know better, you'd think. It was King Oscar II of Sweden who said: "A man who has not been a socialist before 25 has no heart. If he remains one after 25 he has no head."

On the other hand, something really great in this issue is the two-page obituary for zine veteran Rodney L. Leighton, thanks to Ken and to Rodney's sister Sharon, who at Ken's request sent him a bio/tribute about Rodney's life.
Tags: donald trump, king oscar ii of sweden, perzines, reviews, the ken chronicles

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