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Twilight World #23

Don Fields, 266 Ramona Avenue, Grover Beach CA 93433, USA + oddlystupid [at] yahoo [dot] com + + "somewhere at"  Price: $3.00, or 'the usual'; Size: 8.5" x 5.5" Page count: 20

The quest to find a zine that includes an even vaguely nice or positive thing to say about the 45th President of the USA continues, since in Don-o's intro the second paragraph begins "Then there's the very recent shift in our political direction into Downtown ShitsVille USA." It begs the question - if Trump actually [God forbid] did something right, would anybody admit to it? I gotta say though - that cover by Marc Schirmeister showing Abraham Lincoln busting up an out-of-control argument between Donald and Hillary is so funny, I'm almost inspired to call it "Hillary-ous"!

Anyway, that's cool. I'm not like those anti-Trump crybabies who - and this is just one true actual real-life example - overheard somebody in their store admit to being a Trump voter and promptly demanded they leave.

I love Twilight World! There's even proof in this issue! Don-o reprinted my diary comic strip of Wednesday 4 January 2017 in which I drew myself gladly having checked my mailbox to find a copy of Twilight World #8, the American Splendor issue.

Right after the intro/editorial we get six pages of albums from 2011 to the present day that Don-o still likes. A few pages into this I see that I've underlined "I listen to a lot of rain recordings for relaxation." What a great idea! It's true now that I think of it - the sound of rain is extremely relaxing!

Next up, 'My [Other Parts Of] L.A. Part 1' - five pages of photos Don-o took of "old haunts, streets and alleyways of Redondo Beach and small parts of the South Bay I didn't have room to include in the last TW issue." My favourite, and one that Don-o calls "probably one of the two best pictures I ever taken" is this message on a Torrance Boulevard bus stop bench: "REPORT ALL U.F.O. SIGHTINGS. THANK YOU."

Finally, five pages of 'Reviews o' Stuff' including the book Los Angeles In The 1970s: Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine edited by David Kukoff [2016; Barnacle Books/Rare Bird Books], immediately followed by a review of another LA book, the MYSTERIOUS 'Watch Channel 38 Every Night Until Jesus Comes: Southern California Photographs' by Ralph Coon. "Mysterious" because the book contains virtually no information like price, or address, and the only text to be found is some "VERY basic information and a quote from a Stan Ridgway song called Stormy Side of Town".

Don-o perhaps saves the best until last since the final three pages contain zine reviews, including one of Mark Strickert's Mark Time #116, which I mention because in another Twilight World I found myself inspired to send one of my zines to Mark in hopes of a trade, but it came back a month later "Return to Sender." I'll try again now, because I'm not the kind of person who can be easily discouraged. And I LOVE a good MYSTERY!
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