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Hot Dork Love No.1 [2017]

ADULTS ONLY! 32 pages, 7.25" x 5.5" Carrie Q. Contrary Email: carrieqcontrary [at] gmail[dot]com Published by The Comix Company; Email: thecomixcompany [at] gmail[dot]com Store:

Three stories from Carrie in this one. 'Seducing the Dungeon Master' is surely every twelve-sided dice roller's fantasy, when one of the D&D players's little sister insists on 'joining the party'. In 'I Was An Art School Nerd', a young woman sees her first naked man in the form of a life drawing model. Finally, 'How Do You Find a Boy Of Your Own, or Fast Girls Need Love Too!' is a dating version of 'third time is the charm.'

Carrie's comix are great, just be careful if you wanna read them on the bus!
Tags: adults only, carrie q contrary, comix, reviews, the comix company

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