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Oh My! Comix #4 [2016]

"MORONIC ADULTS ONLY!" $5.00 40 pages, 8.5" x 5.5", Published by the Comix Company; Store:

Featuring! Aaron Lange, Lee James Turnock, JTW ThinktankRX, Michael Amaral, Hugo, and the ringleader himself, Dexter Cockburn!

JTW's 'Gazmobot' is set on a spaceship that comes under attack from raiders of the Fungarian Army, who are only defeated once the crew provides a sufficient number of orgasms for the "orgasm-powered" Gazmobot. Makes sense! ... Aaron Lange's 'Pastor Dan' is a short slice of Aaron's childhood life with his mother working as a secretary for a small local church with Pastor Bob and Pastor Dan, the latter whom young Aaron liked more, and this story tells us why. What a refreshing pleasure it is to come across a comic dealing with a Christian/Christianity that isn't predictably nasty and dismissive. It's really a great example of the best of Lange's very human - and humane - Art [I can't help but be reminded of his Vietnam Vet story from Trim #1]. ... Dexter's 'Snoot the Aardvaark' 'snoots' cocaine off a catgirl's tits with an extremely bizarre, unpredictable result! ... Hugo has two illustrations on facing pages - one with a young woman surrounded by creepy dudes; the other an hold hag using a stick with a severed hand tied to it to remove various creatures - a lizard, a crab, a frog, God knows what else - from her... I'm stuck on this double [dark] 'fantasy', and I'm not even halfway through the book!

[Later... I just noticed that Aaron Lange's 'Pastor Dan' is the first story in his [Lange's] Trim #5 [next up on my review pile]. I wonder how Dexter feels about that? I know that as an editor myself [Sick Puppy Comix, Blackguard] it bugged me when an artist flopped an existing work off on me as their contribution. It always struck me as lazy, and even disrespectful, albeit unconsciously and unintentionally perhaps. Here's one reason why: Let's say a person is a big fan of your art. This guy loves your work so much that he's a completist - he must have everything you've drawn! But that anthology that you flopped your work off on, he doesn't need a copy of that. He's already got that strip. So that's one less copy of that anthology sold.]
Tags: #1, #5, aaron lange, comix, dexter cockburn, hugo, jtw thinktank rx, lee james turnock, michael amaral, oh my comix, reviews, the comix company

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