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"Dear Stratu..."

Usually when I receive a comic in the mail, I call it a 'Good Mail Day.' But what do I call this?!

I just returned from the post office where I checked my mailbox. The latest issue of Copy This! arrived:

Great, right? That's what I thought! However! There was also a note from editor D Blake Werts!:

"probably a good time for us to part ways"??? What!? Why? I really like his minicomics info/news zine, and - at least according to Blake - he really liked my diary comics. Why the hell would it probably be a good idea to part ways?

Of course, I only had to think about it for a few seconds to figure it out, to read between the lines. Maybe it was my diary comic about his latest "All Art" issue that did it? Maybe he can't handle criticism?

That could be part of it, but another fact cannot be ignored! Blake is also a Xerography Debt staff reviewer. Remember Xerography Debt? I sure do! I used to be one of their staff reviewers too! Could it be that he is ejecting me from his wonderful world of minicomics as a token of solidarity with Davida? I don't know. Maybe I'm not thinking straight. After all, so many people are cutting me off lately and acting mysteriously silent sometimes I think I'm starting to get paranoid! Ha ha! *Blub!*

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Oct. 5th, 2017 05:12 pm (UTC)
Your hunch is probably correct. It's likely another instance of "circle the wagons and purge the wrongthinker." You've committed heresy, and now you're being excommunicated. If you refuse to kneel at the altar of leftism, you'll be burned at the stake.

Ted Kaczynski was right about leftists, among other things.
Oct. 7th, 2017 02:02 am (UTC)
Yes I'm a "wrongthinker" all right. I've never found it easy going along with the 'mob'. It's funny how the left and right have switched places. In the same way that the nerds can now kick sand in the faces of the blockheaded jocks, the political side that were traditionally so censorious [and I'm thinking here of the PMRC in the '80s] are now the champions of free speech! Haw! What a funny world.

Thanks for your comment and support. I appreciate it.

Edited at 2017-10-07 05:03 am (UTC)
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