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Mysteries [aka The Dann Files] Update!

Dann 'My Biggest Fan' Lennard has just published his 'Comics Reading For September 2017' and guess what? No mention of my Stratu's Diary Comics August 2017 issue that I sent him back on 12 September.

So I've gone from getting really great reviews [from Dann], to no review with one star [full story here], to no review and no stars [or as Dann insists, "I chose not to rate it, mate"], now finally to no review, no stars, no rating, and no mention whatsoever.

I have effectively been 'disappeared'!

The BIG question is: Will Dann ever break his MYSTERIOUS silence on this mystifying behaviour and give me a long-overdue explanation? I still won't be holding my breath!
Tags: dann lennard, diary comics, mysteries

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