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Mysteries [aka The Dann Files] Update!

Dann 'My Biggest Fan' Lennard has just published his 'Comics Reading For September 2017' and guess what? No mention of my Stratu's Diary Comics August 2017 issue that I sent him back on 12 September.

So I've gone from getting really great reviews [from Dann], to no review with one star [full story here], to no review and no stars [or as Dann insists, "I chose not to rate it, mate"], now finally to no review, no stars, no rating, and no mention whatsoever.

I have effectively been 'disappeared'!

The BIG question is: Will Dann ever break his MYSTERIOUS silence on this mystifying behaviour and give me a long-overdue explanation? I still won't be holding my breath!

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Oct. 6th, 2017 05:27 pm (UTC)
Like I said in your previous post, they're circling the wagons and purging you. You've been unpersoned and deplatformed. Leftism is the new religion for the previously godless, and heretics will be purged.

I've been following your journal for over a year now, ever since I first started thinking about printing my own zine. However, I put those plans on the back burner once I realized that the zine scene is overwhelmingly "controlled" by leftists -- everything from intersectional feminists to outright violent communists. The bigger review zines and zine distros are run by leftists and always feature leftist zines and their creators, front and center.

The reality is that anyone involved in zines today who isn't part of the commie hivemind is going to find themselves blacklisted. It's the same as the tech, comic, and video game industries. Anyone to the right of Karl Marx is going to have to network with other wrongthinkers and create a parallel zine scene. That's how I see it, anyway.
Oct. 7th, 2017 01:56 am (UTC)
Thanks for the great comment, and for your support.

I've been reading about the Stalin years lately, and the parallels between that time and now is disturbing. Thank God though for our advance in technology, which I think will be a powerful tool/weapon in the arsenal of those of us who refuse to go along with the 'commie hivemind' as you nicely put it. One of the arseholes can 'de-platform' us in one place but then we have half a dozen other platforms to switch to.

P.S. I just realised this is your second comment! I attempted to reply to your previous comment last night, but couldn't get my thoughts in order.]
Oct. 16th, 2017 11:31 pm (UTC)
After the latest development [today Tuesday 17 October 2017 received a 'letter' from another respected zine publisher - this one proudly admitting he threw my comic away because it offended him - see post from this day] I found myself re-reading your comment and thinking on what you wrote about deciding not to actively join the 'zine scene' by printing your own zine... I'm so disgusted by the behaviour I've personally experienced of late that I have a strong urge to wash my hands of the whole scene myself.
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