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Stratu Sucks! Throw His Comics Away!

Good Mail Day! ... Wait a minute...

Look at this>>>

This is from PJM/Node Pajomo. I like his mail art/zine reviews zine Node Pajomo but this makes me wonder if he will ever send me another copy :[

[A bit later...] I've been thinking about this. PJM read my diary comic and when he read this part he felt so strongly about it that he "threw it away". Well, he didn't throw it ALL away. He cut out this strip from Sunday 16 July 2017 and neatly glued it on to this pretty yellow piece of paper, and only THEN perhaps did he "threw it away". But did he really threw it away, or did he put it carefully in with the other papers and cardboards etc. for recycling? ...

I've gotta stop thinking about this crazy stuff! It's making me feel CrAzY!
Tags: diary comics, mysteries, node pajomo, pjm, reviews

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