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Yuck! #1

[32pages, digest size, edited by Mr. Slime, ]

It's always great to see a new comics anthology pop up (especially an Aussie one) and this looked real promising, with a front cover by Ross Radiation and back cover by Glenn Smith. Alas,what lies between. Since the comic is called Yuck!, editor Mr. Slime no doubt instructed his contributors to come up with something YUCKY! Something to make the reader squeal, 'Eww, gross!' Sad to report, the only people this stuff is gonna gross out will be Girl Guides and your grandmother. It's not all lame though. 'How I Met Your Mother' by Ed Traquino is excellent, featuring a Lovecraftian monstrosity seen by all as a perfectly charming and handsome young man. The other is Matt Emery's strip 'Rapist Rapist', where the punishment fits the crime.
Well, it's only the first issue. It can only improve. I hope to report that result when Yuck! #2 appears.
Tags: james andre, reviews, yuck!

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