blackguard23 (blackguard23) wrote,

PJM Reviews Stratu's Diary Comics

Here's a lazy, Social Justice Dummy-style review of my diary comics from PJM that appeared in the latest Node Pajomo.

It's true that back then I was obsessing over my Instagram status, and was in the grip of online shopping addiction - the latter of which, considering my current predicament, I would give anything to go back and change.

Since he neglects to give any context to the "Rotten Hag" and the "Social Justice Dummy", it's obvious he just lazily threw those in to make me look like a mean old FASCIST. That last foaming-at-the-mouth sentence refers to my diary comic pointing out that 'Antifa' - with their balaclavas and bike locks - are in fact far more 'fascist' than any group they have been seen 'protesting.' Obviously PJM still believes they are a shining force for good. What a dummy!
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