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Hypno Video #11 [September 2019]

12 pages, 21cm x 14cm, FREE! - just write to Kobb Labs, PO Box 30231 Pensacola FL 32503, USA

This is the 'Sixties Space Invaders' issue, featuring reviews of "eight randomly picked 1960s movies featuring visitors from other worlds on less-than-friendly terms with the locals": Invisible Invaders [1959]; Invasion of the Neptune Men [1961]; The Eye Creatures [1965]; The Night Caller [1966]; Planet of Female Invaders [1966]; The War of the Planets [1966]; Mars Needs Women [1967]; and Destroy All Planets [1968].

Although Dr Bill writes that if this issue may seem a little "slipshod", it's because of a toxic environment at his work [something I can certainly relate to *Blub!*], there were nevertheless some really great lines:

" the end the humans are spared and no children are lung-harvested by thick women in tiny skintight shorts." [Planet of the Female Invaders [1966]

"What can I say? It's a Larry Buchanan film. I wasn't expecting it to be any good and Larry never disappoints." [Mars Needs Women [1967]
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