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Biblio-Curiosa #9 : The Autobiographies and Memoirs Issue [August 2020]

56 pages, 21cm x 15cm, $7.00, Chris Mikul, PO Box K546, Haymarket NSW 1240, AUSTRALIA + chris.mikul88 at gmail dot com

I knew I was in for something special with this issue the second I read the subtitle. Let's get "no-nonsense businessman" EW Martell out of the way and we arrive at Seamus Burke and his 'entryism' [the opposite of 'escapsim'] and automatic drawings, originals of which he sent to King George, Churchill, Ghandi, Hitler, and Pope Pius XII. Then along comes proto feminist and half-arsed satanist Mary MacLane. She looked to the Devil to rescue her from her boring life. In fact, she wanted to marry him! HAW! ... Now here's something! G. Gordon Liddy! I didn't make it to the end of Chris's second page of his review of Liddy the Great's autobiography, 'Will', when I realised it was undoubtedly the Greatest Autobiography Ever Written, rocketed over to my PC, found a copy on ebay, and ordered it immediately. [TBC]
Tags: australia, biblio-curiosa, books, chris mikul, zine reviews

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