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Paniscus Revue

Something pretty cool happened recently. I was on the bus flipping through a zine I had just received, The Hungover Gourmet, and lo and behold I saw that Tom Crites had written something for it! Back in the Sick Puppy days one of my favourite zines was Crites's Paniscus Revue. But I lost touch with Tom because of my five-year publishing hiatus/deepfreeze, so it was joyus maximus to find out he is still doing his thing, although sadly no longer a print zine. (Somebody will have to convince him to get back to it, won't they, heh heh..) Anyway, check his website out here >>> Paniscus Revue and click the various links near the top (seems to be alphabetised, had me confused for a while where to find his zine reviews), there's even an Atomiser review I'd never seen! Plus reviews of Cinema Sewer, Fuck (the Dr Randall Phillip zine, not some other imposter 'Fuck' zine I read about recently), Human Dog Pound, ... so much good stuff your brain will totally orgasm hard.
Well, that was about a week ago so naturally I sent Tom a copy of Blackguard #1 immediately and yesterday got an email from him. This was one more example of goddam great and wonderful reconnects that have happened since I got back into the 'garage publishing' scene. For some reason I am reminded of something a wise man once said: 'Against the ruin of the world there is only one defense: the creative act'.
Tags: paniscus revue, tom crites

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