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The Sexy Men of Australian Comics 2009/2010 Calender

Something a little different here: The Sexy Men of Australian Comics calender. 'But it's already almost halfway through the year!' you say. Ah! Well this is the 2009-2010 Financial Year Calender!
What we got here is a calender full of Aussie comics dudes drawn by Aussie comics chicks (like Carol Wood, Susan Butcher, and Komala Singh). Most of the hunky stars are comics dudes I've never heard of or whose stuff I'm not really into, but there are a few in there I'm 'down with' (ugh, sorry about that) so those are reproduced above. What you also get in this calender are birthdays of all our comics superheroes like Robert Crumb, Ivan Brunetti, Charles Burns, Jim Woodring, plus a whole bunch of Aussie comics dudes the American ones have never heard of. If there's been a more desirable calender released this year, I haven't seen it.
[To get a copy contact David Blumenstein through his website >>> ]
Tags: ben hutchings, gerard ashworth, neale blanden, reviews, sexy men of australian comics
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