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Barrel House #2 : Pus Drunk

[24pages, digest size, $2.00ppd, written by R. Lee and illustrated by Dug Belan, PO Box 1421, Oshkosh WI 54903, USA]
This illustrated story can only be autobiographical, so it's about R. Lee when he was 17 and got a job in a landscape gardening gang. The thing is is that he is a 'particularly rotten and mean-spirited kid' who has some weird kind of Tourette's Syndrome. Hard physical work is the only thing that can alleviate this, but even that mostly doesn't work. The story relentlessly drags you along since you are just waiting for one of the other landscape gardening dudes to snap and punch his lights out. Will it happen? Something has to happen, and does. This is worth your time. Email this madman and get a copy now.
Tags: barrel house, r lee, reviews

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