July 22nd, 2008


Greetings. I'm Maxwell Black, twin brother of Stratu. My brother started a comix anthology called Sick Puppy Comix in 1996 and published thirteen issues. It was a magnificent publication and gained a deserved cult following. However, my brother became a religious idiot after experiencing something extraordinary - this experience was too much for him and he subsequently conducted himself like a total jerk. I confronted him on this (during a vicious thunderstorm in the family's mountaintop retreat) and he lashed out at me like a mad bastard. I was forced to defend myself and in the ensuing fracas I snatched a heavy, blunt objet d'art from a nearby bureau and slammed it into my brother's skull, laying him flat, and senseless. Seeing my brother lying there on the floor, blood flowing from that mad, born-again head, I felt sick and full of sorrow. I fled, sobbing, from the house.
I must carry on my brother's work. I will continue, but now with a new name: Blackguard!


Isn't it so great when a plan comes together? It's especially great when you thought you were somewhat flailing around like a retard, yet things seem to fall into place left, right and centre. What I mean by all that, is that events following the very recent announcement of Blackguard #1, and the associated attempts at tracking down old Sick Puppy contributors, things are happening fast, with old school comix folk popping up here and there at a perfectly dizzying rate! But by the gods of Olympus it's got me pumped, amped, hyped, stoked, buzzed, and so mightily revved up to the goddam red-line limit that it feels like my skull is about to explode.

Anyway, hugs! to Hugo and Pirochan, my new (old) LJ friends.

I feel like I just beat the level's boss...

... but there are more levels! And more bosses!

Bring it, punk.

Blackguard #1 : Religious Crazies

Okay, I forgot to mention some things.

First of all, the deadline for contributions for Blackguard #1 is 31 August 2008, which is coming up pretty fast, I'll admit. But you can do it, now that Big Brother has been cancelled. Haw! ... The theme is 'Religious Crazies' - we all, surely, have our own favourite stories about individuals and groups who take their religious beliefs to a noteworthy degree. One of mine, for example, is the Aum Shinrikyo cult of Japan, who released sarin gas on the Tokyo subway. There's also those crazy Taliban dudes (who enjoy hanging women up from cranes in soccer fields), along with the good ol' 'God Hates Fags' organisation in the USA (Louis Theroux made an excellent doco on them, by the way). There's many more, and no doubt you have your own favourite. Well, it's time to pay tribute to these jackasses in comics form! That's your mission now, y'hear?

Format will be A5, that is 20cm x 14cm (or 10 and a half by 7 and a half inches for our Imperial pals).

Send good quality photocopies to:

PO Box 93
Paddington NSW 2021