July 26th, 2008

More Blackguards

I met up with Gerard Ashworth and Mannheim Jerkoff this afternoon. After Sick Puppy and Atomiser, I lost touch with most of the old gang (unsurprisingly enough) but Gerard and Mannheim were two of the few exceptions. We continued to meet up every few months at the big Japanese bookstore in town. Anyway, this time I had a different reply prepared for the usual "So what have you been up to?", which for the past few years has been, "Well, I played a REALLY freaking awesome JRPG!" or, "I wrote another story about the woman who reads a book as she walks to work!" In short, I told them about Blackguard and, after much hearty backslapping and subsequent mutterings of, "No no, it's just something in my eye!" they both vowed to contribute to our 'Religious Crazies'-themed first issue.

I want to add a list of other folks who have likewise promised to submit something, but a couple of them are using different names (never heard of that before...) so I'm unsure of how to announce them. You know who you are though! So please let me know by email >>> sstratu [at] gmail [dot] com
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