July 27th, 2008

Apocalypse Nerd

Yesterday when I met up with Gerard and Mannheim, Gerard loaned me his copy of Apocalypse Nerd, a new book by the great Peter Bagge! As far as indie comics go, Peter Bagge's stuff has always been the top of the heap if you ask me, and I hadn't read anything by him since he did an issue of Spiderman about who-the-hell-knows how many years ago. So Apocalypse Nerd sure was a treat!

Bagge got the idea for it when he heard that South Korean madman Kim Jong Il proudly boasted that his country had the capability to hit Seattle with a nuclear warhead, but at that time the US were so busy with Iraq it didn't even rate a mention in the news. But it sure scared the hell out of Mr Bagge, so he came up with Apocalypse Nerd, a story about two pals who head out to the woods for the weekend, meanwhile North Korea does go ahead and wipe out Seattle with a nuclear bomb.

The book has loads of cool scenes of mankind reduced to savagery, so if you dig all those 'end-of-the-world' type movies (and who doesn't?) then you'll love this as much as I did.
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