October 3rd, 2008

Endless Blackguard Saga Part MCMLXVII

Here's some more good news to kick the ass of the bad news of late: I picked up 37 Blackguard #1 covers after work today (ordered 50 but got 37, but hey that's good enough!) and Pirochan told me she will print up another 7 'guts' so not only will I have copies to sell at the Newcastle zine fair, some of my contributors might even get a copy! Ha ha. (Dear contributors, apologies for the bad joke).

[Meanwhile I am talking to two printers who have no problem with the content (they are only friggin' drawings, after all, we're not eating babies here) so within the next week or two should have either 500 or 250 Blackguards properly printed, folded, and either stapled or perfect bound, but more about all that after Newcastle.]

To Hugo, it sucks that I didn't get any copies to you for SPX, but next year will be another story!

Here's the awesome Blackguard #1 cover by Anton Emdin, I hope it gets you jazzed for the comic* itself!

Speaking of covers, what an excellent opportunity to post Neale Blanden's cover for Sick Puppy Comix #3 (Nov 1996)! (Yes I know this is the third Blanden thing I've posted in this series, but this was the cover I took the SP logo from, and used on the t-shirt. It was a big deal, man.)

* Interior art may differ in quality to cover art.