November 1st, 2008

Blackguard #1 Available Now!

My printer delivered two boxes of 250 Blackguard #1 to me at work yesterday, we had a long talk, and now he's a total champ once more. The comix look great and the price was so good that I can sell them for $5.00 instead of $7.00 like I had planned. Contributor copies are going out on Monday. If you want to buy a copy, you can use PayPal to send either $5.00AUS (if you're in Australia) or $5.00US for everywhere else. Use my email address; sstratu [AT] gmail [DOT com  I'm going away for two weeks so there will be a short delay there. But if you order this weekend I'll be able to post it this Monday. I'm also happy to trade if you've got something good.

Here's the Blackguard technical info followed by a bunch of preview pages:

Blackguard #1 : Religious Crazies - colour covers, b&w interior pages - 40pp
Featuring Anton Emdin, Ross Radiation, Gerard Ashworth, Mike Diana, Max Black, Neale Blanden, Doug Iannucci, Julie Doye, Hugo, Mannheim Jerkoff, Christina Fabris, Chris Mikul, David Puckeridge, Khe Sanh, SCAR and Glenn Smith.

For some reason I can't upload any more images.