November 19th, 2008

Japan Totally Rocks

I'm back from Japan. Phaedra, my teeth all managed to stay in place! Hugo, sad to say I must report that in my experience the schoolgirl underwear vending machines are a Japanese urban myth. I saw and operated vending machines with beer, with cans of hot coffee, even a battery vending machine (on Mt Koya of all places!) but no pre-loved Hello Kitty unmentionables.
However, I did discover Heaven on Earth in Tokyo, also known as a suburb called Akihabara. Cute young girls in maid outfits happily allowed me to snap their photos, then shortly after that I found a capsule shop. I had read about these. Stores full of vending machines with plastic capsules containing anime and videogame character figurines that you assemble yourself. And I don't mind admitting that when I spotted the Zelda machine I almost fell to the floor in a fit of grateful ecstasy. There was also a Dragon Quest machine. See? EXACTLY like dying and going to Heaven.
In not so awesome news, when I attempted to charge my mobile phone over there, the weird electrical/voltage system fried it so now it won't even turn on. Another weird thing that happened was when I tried using my clippers, they barely made an audible buzz, and they sure were not up to cutting a whisker. That made sense, since Australian Voltage is 240 and Japanese is 110, but then so why did my stupid phone get fried? I don't understand.
Anyway, now I'm back and it's time to begin the big Blackguard marketing push. I have received some early feedback and it has been all positive. Blackguard #1 is high quality underground comix product and has filled a neglected niche in the market (I have a source to back that up too). Next step is to set up this PayPal thing. I already have an account so it shouldn't be much trouble, right?
Ordering details to follow.
Over and out.

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