December 11th, 2008

Lesson Master

  This review is well overdue, since I got this wonderful comic at the Newcastle Zine Fair back in October, and among the booty I brought back, this was the best score.

Ben Hutchings's 'Lesson Master' is a creepy little fellow who exists purely to teach people lessons, while taking pedantry to hilarious extremes. For example, in one strip a pedestrian steps one centimetre off a zebra crossing, which brings the Lesson Master zooming up on a motor scooter, running over the offender's foot, breaking his ankle. In another, a detective inspector, having announced the team's triumphant capture of a serial killer, leans back in his chair, puffs on a cigar and puts his feet up on the desk. Lesson Master pops out of the detective's coffee mug, points out the correct use of a desk, then underlines the lesson by slamming a bar fridge down onto the detective's legs.

'Offenders' are rewarded with a 'Lesson Learned' ribbon plastered over their face or head.

There are 21 one- or two-page strips in this volume, including The Lesson of Pronunciation, The Lesson of Marriage, The Lesson of Pencils, The Lesson of Pop Stars, and many more funny and edifying comic strips. You will become a big fan of the Lesson Master by the end, guaranteed and for sure.

This comes very highly recommended by me, so email Mr Hutchings at drphwoar [at] yahoo [dot] com or visit his website and secure your copy as soon as possible. Why not make it a Christmas present to yourself?

Mister Beautiful

One of the coolest things about doing a comix anthology is the people (or more accurately, utterly depraved perverts) you meet along the way, and when I was doing Sick Puppy I had the great honour of meeting (and partying with) Doug Iannucci, a maths professor and underground comix creator from the US Virgin Islands. SP readers may remember his sensational Stan and Edna Nats strips, some of which appeared in SP, and all of which appeared in his fine and smutty Sham comix. Doug was one of the handful of comix dudes I stayed in touch with during my 'hiatus', so it was a reunion of sorts to have new strips by him in Blackguard #1.

Anyway, Doug has started a new blog, a 'practice' blog as he calls it (in order to get up to speed with this blogging/social-networking/internet jazz) but unsurprisingly is already better and more enjoyable to read than most blogs in existence. Check it out here and make sure you read the first post to learn about the origin of 'Mister Beautiful'!