February 5th, 2009

Legal Deposit 2

A month or two ago I wrote here about Legal Deposit and shortly afterward sent copies of Blackguard #1 to the National Library in Canberra and the State Library of New South Wales. Today I received this letter from the State Library and I'm posting it here because if you make a comic or zine you may be interested. In fact you should be interested! If you ask me, if you make a comic or zine you should send one to your national library and your state library if you have one. Look, if history has taught us anything, one of those things is that you will not be truly recognised for your work while you are alive. That will happen some time after you have 'bought the farm'. So sending your 'great works' of publishing genius in for Legal Deposit is important. Even if social historians of the far future only find in your work stark evidence of the decline of Western Civilisation, samples of your work might potentially entertain readers as they zoom around their futuristic cities in computer-navigated hovercars.

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