February 27th, 2009

Blackguard #1 Reviewed In Zine World #27

I got an email from Zine World telling me that they reviewed Blackguard #1 in their new issue. Woo hoo! ... Wait a minute. Best not to get excited yet, I don't know what they said about it. Well, I'm gonna order a copy anyway. It's 7 bucks for us Aussies, but if you live in the States you only need to send 'em 4 bucks. I think this is the zine that Dann [Betty paginated] Lennard showed me at last year's Newcastle zine fair. It was pretty cool, HEAPS of zine reviews, the kind of thing I can happily read until the sun explodes.

Here's their website:

Zine World

I'll post the review when I get it.
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