April 23rd, 2009


Ryan Vella makes comix, but did you know he also makes music? Well, he does, and this week I got a CD of his new project Grizzleguts in the mail. It's a 7-track EP or mini-album, or whatever you call it, and I'm listening to it now.

"I can feel myself rot!" says a zombie woman, that's how 'Zombie Attack Plan' starts, then trebly buzzing guitar cuts in like a gang of wasps in my ear. A demented xylophone anti-melody erupts briefly before Ryan begins his tale of desperate zombie survival. He sounds pissed off that these damn zombies have interrupted his glue-sniffing. Pretty cool bratty snarling vocals and some primitive teenage lobotomised drum pounding. It's great! I want to take a big handful of pills, different coloured ones! 'Meetchamaka' has a killer metal riff, rattling drums, weird radio frequency samples that zoom in and out, backing vocals that sound like a kid on helium and ecstasy, and more punky paint-huffing vocals from Ryan. (Ryan does everything on this: vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, beats, percussion, toy turntables, samples and harmonica, and of course the cover art.) 'Paper Trail' has more possessed-transistor-radio guitars, and Ryan sings/yelps about voices in his head, Prozac and committing to paper things that must not be spoken. 'Deflower' starts and finishes before I can press one button, but I heard some completely insane voice that made me look over my shoulder. WTF. What a great song title! XD 'The  Further I Go The Deeper I Get' is a slower-paced number, somewhat trippy with some very nice guitar effects, even clean acoustic guitar. 'Snuffy Come Home' is a short hoe-down, harmonica hillbilly tune that makes me think of Primus and O Brother Where Art Thou. 'Spewmonkey (neotropical vistas)' is a short freakout with 8-bit birdsong, heavily processed vocals, sounding like four Brit lunatics telling somebody that their car smells a bit funky, all over a groovy kind of funk beat and bassline. (I did not see that coming.)

Contact: grizzleguts [at] live [dot] com