July 10th, 2009

! Missent To Barbados !

This arrived in my mailbox yesterday. See the rubber stamp notifications on the left and right sides of the envelope? 'Missent To Barbados'. What? How? Any ideas how this happened? And isn't it a terrific rubber stamp? This is so wonderful and mysterious! Yet another thing to add to the 'Why Real Postal Mail Totally Rocks' list.

[The contents, Steve Steiner's Everyone Laughs At The Crocodile Man comic, will be reviewed here real soon. It totally deserves to be bumped up the list.]

Hugo's Comics - New Website!

Great news! Hugo has got a website at long last! It was worth the wait. When you visit just make sure you've got some free time because you'll be there for a long while checking out his totally awesome comics and illustrations. Go and look now! Or bookmark it and look later! But look! Pop your eyeballs out and give them a treat!
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